As the child gets ready to soak up new experiences, Mothers are invited to spend quality time with their tiny tots while children have their share of unbounded fun with learning.

The curiosity of a child is fueled by exploring and discovering new things around him through a colorful range of activities. The program allows a child to take his first step under the intensive care of his mother and teacher that ensures a sense of security and encourages him to enjoy things to the fullest. A mother’s coddling and a stress-free learning environment are blended together to maximize the effectiveness of this program.

The specially designed activities involving mother and child ensure meaningful learning to help them develop their socio-emotional skills, stimulate mental growth and increase language development, thus enhancing their confidence.

Activities like Rhythmic Dance Extravaganza, Story Telling, mother and child cook out & Little Hands at Work allow toddlers to satiate their curiosity to explore new things and at the same time give wing to their imagination.

we also teach kids home etiquettes. Fun & Fitness is designed to further in hand and gross motor skills of the tiny tots.

Theme Parties are thrilling for newbies to experience, allowing them to indulge in light-hearted merriment with yummy treats.